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Tennis for Service Members in San Diego

ChampsOfTeamSoCalEach week we visit our Champions of Southern California Tennis – those who go above and beyond to promote and grow the game throughout SoCal and beyond. These individuals and organizations deliver the game of tennis to a variety of audiences, often in places where the significance of tennis goes far beyond the court itself. As we share their stories with you, we commend their ongoing efforts to grown the game and make positive, life-changing impacts on those they touch.

What is more patriotic than providing tennis programs for those who have fought for our country? This is exactly what the San Diego District Tennis Association does. Through their Wounded Warriors Tennis Program, the association is able to provide tennis programs for those who were wounded, injured, and ill while serving. The Wounded Warriors Tennis Program creates an environment of physical and emotional rehabilitation through tennis.

The program was established in 2009 and is the largest of its kind in the country, serving over a thousand participants since its inauguration. The program has been recognized by the USTA, the Department of Defense, and many disabled and adaptive sports organizations for its excellence and impact in the community.

For the past six years, the San Diego District Tennis Association has hosted the annual National Wounded Warrior Tennis Camp at Balboa Tennis Club. The event saw sixty wounded, ill, and injured service members and veterans within the age range of 23-80, coming from 21 states to participate in tennis clinics and activities that encouraged healing.

The San Diego Tennis Association is excited about its Wounded Warrior Tennis Program. When it comes to veterans, Director of Military Outreach Steve Kappes is passionate about the work they do.

“We highly respect and appreciate military members, veterans, and their families.”

The San Diego District Tennis Association applies its passion for tennis and appreciation for those who have served by creating tennis opportunities for those hurt during military service.


-Jeremy Goode