» » The Net Generation Net Set is Here!

The Net Generation Net Set is Here!

The Net Generation Net Set is here, and USTA So Cal is proud to have eleven junior players representing Southern California.  The Net Set reps were hand picked for their love of and dedication to the game, as well as enthusiasm for promoting youth tennis, especially through social media.  This group of eleven junior superstars share over 27,000 followers on instagram, and are helping top spread the word about Net Generation, the USTA ‘s new kid-friendly approach to tennis  created to inspire the next generation of young tennis players.  Net Generation, will provide American tennis with one unified youth brand for children to get into the sport, making it easier for children and their parents to learn about tennis and get into the game in schools, parks and tennis clubs across the country.  The movement embraces all aspects of youth play for kids ages 5-18

We are proud to be represented by the following juniors as we work together to grow the game.  Check out their instagram pages (below) to learn more about them and Net Generation.

Natalya Washington       @natalya_is_tennis

Kayden Roxas                   @kaydenroxtennis

Ashlyn Roxas                     @ashlynroxtennis

Matthew Wang                  @tennis_dude_matt

Gwyneth Britton               @tennisprincessgwyn

Kalli Minor                         @kalliminor

Georgia Brown                  @ggb_tennis

Yonas Kilreab                    @yonas_k2010

Hannah Brown                  @brownhannah05

Kamea Medora                 @tennisgrom

Gabriel Eusebio                @gabrieleusebio8

For more information check out netgeneration.usta.com