Fun, Safe, Easy, No Courts Required

Enrich the Lives of Students thru tennis training for teachers and coaches

For a physical educator or coach, nothing can be more satisfying than to give a student a sport that can positively impact a young life. That’s just what you’ll be doing when you bring the sport of tennis to your school. Now it’s easier than ever, with resources and training available from the United States Tennis Association (USTA), the national governing body for tennis.

The USTA has created an extensive package of resources designed to make starting and maintaining a PE or after-school tennis program easy and enjoyable for all – teachers, administrators and, especially, your students. Whether you are looking for tennis-specific physical education sessions, extracurricular and after-school team-based program, middle and high school “No-Cut” teams, or more, we can help you.

School Tennis Overview

The USTA has developed a cutting edge in-school curriculum and teacher training program to help educators feel more comfortable offering tennis in school settings. Additionally, the USTA has partnered with tennis equipment suppliers and manufactures to assist schools in obtaining equipment.

Qualifying schools are eligible to receive the following resources:

  • Teacher Training Workshops: These workshops complement a teacher’s large group management skills and demonstrate how to quickly transform a school gym or playground into a dynamic tennis-playing environment and allow students to experience instant success in a fun and safe manner.
  • Curriculum Materials: Newly developed teacher friendly lesson plans, station signs and instructional DVD’s are available to assist teachers with limited or no previous tennis experience and without requiring access to traditional tennis courts.
  • Equipment Assistance: Deeply discounted equipment and equipment grants are available for qualifying schools. Modified tennis equipment including easy-to-rally tennis balls and portable nets make the game fun and engaging.
  • Staff Support: Consulting and assistance from USTA staff, including program formats and, if you don’t have tennis courts, how to convert activity areas for tennis play.

Kids Tennis Clubs

Kids Tennis Club is a program that allows students to sample tennis through supervised play and interactive activities in a safe, open play setting. With equipment sized right, it’s easier than ever to get kids rallying and having fun right from the start. Register for Kids Tennis Clubs at

Register today and receive:

  • Kids’ Tennis Clubs Playbook
  • USTA/Schools Clipboard

New USTA School Organization Members receive:

  • School Tennis Curriculum kit
  • Laminated Set of Station Signs
  • Equipment and Skillastics Discounts

Click here to become a USTA School Organization Member (

No-Cut Coaches Recognition and Resource Program (High School)

The USTA wants to recognize and thank all high school tennis coaches who implement a no-cut policy for their teams. The USTA realizes this requires greater commitment and dedication on behalf of the coach and school. Such a policy ensures not only that all interested students are given a chance to develop as better tennis players but, more importantly, to become well rounded student athletes.
No-Cut Coach incentives Offered by the USTA

No-Cut Coach recognition certificate and commendation letter

  • Recognition letters and a press release template sent to the athletic director and principal for participating schools
  • Official No-Cut Tennis Coach hat
  • Subscription to Racquet Sports Industry magazine (1 year)
  • Top Ten Drills and Games CD
  • USTA Guide to Tennis on College Campuses
  • Consideration for the No-Cut Coach Starfish Award. Two No-Cut Coaches are selected each year to receive national recognition at the USTA Tennis Teachers’
  • Conference during the US Open
  • Frequent updates of games, activities and practice plans
  • Enhanced online resources and coaches forums
  • Access to No-Cut Coach jackets, polo shirts, bags and more.

For more information about any of the USTA School Tennis programs, contact Tiffany Geller Reed at or 310-208-3838.

Additional School Tennis Resources